Meet Judith Waller...

The First Manager of WMAQ

Right: Judith Waller in 1929

Judith C. Waller Left: Judith Waller in 1947

To get an idea of how much Judith C. Waller (1889-1972) knew about broadcasting, you should try to find a copy of her book Radio, the Fifth Estate, published by Houghton, Mifflin in 1946. Its pages will answer any questions you may have about how radio was done during its Golden Age. Ms. Waller wrote with the benefit of almost twenty-five years of experience in the medium. Many of the techniques and practices she described she had, in fact, invented. Most of the 'firsts' claimed by WMAQ during its first quarter-century were, in fact, the consequences of her ideas and deeds. (The only other woman I know of who spent more time at NBC in Chicago was Laura Skidmore who logged half a century in the Mart before she retired---but, of course, she was probably under the age of five when she first came to work there.)

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