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Frank Mullen (former agricultural director):

Twenty-five years ago when WMAQ was established, it was dedicated to the task of bringing to the people a program service of the highest type. Throughout the years WMAQ has rigidly adhered to this policy with the result that the station has won the confidence, respect and affection of the people of the Middle West. May the next quarter century of WMAQ's existence bring it even closer to the hearts of listeners throughout the Middle West. Congratulations WMAQ on a job well done and congratulations upon a spirit that gives assurance of a continuation af a high standard of performance established during the past 25 years.

Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll (Amos 'n' Andy):

It is with a tug at our heartstrings that we send this message of congratulations to WMAQ on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. We had the great opportunity of starting Amos 'n' Andy on WMAQ and of course, the memories of the first day; of Amos 'n' Andy are still very dear to us. The splendid cooperation we received from the station and the Chicago Daily News was very helpful to us in getting off on the right foot, and to your station we are very grateful. To you our congratulations not only for the 25th anniversary but for the splendid job you have done in the field of radio broadcastng.

Sidney N. Strotz (former vice president and general manager)

So all you beautiful characters have become 25 years of age, which is something to brag about, particularly in the radio business. May I take this means of extending to each and every one of you my sincere congratulations and best wishes for your continued success? Believe it or not, I really miss all of you and think back many times to the good old days when I tramped around the 19th and 20th floors of the Merchandise Mart nursing my ulcers, worrying not only about the broadcasting business, but---amazing as it may seem to you---about each and every one of you good people who were helpful in making Chicago the great success it is and will continue to be. All of us out here in Hollywood send greetings and kindest regards.

Phil Baker (host of "Take it or Leave it"):

According to Baker, 25 years are many to be in the show business without resting. That's one answer I know. So Take It or Leave It, here are my heartiest congratulations to WMAQ and my sincere hope that the grand old station will try for 64.

Dwight H. Green (Governor of the State of Illinois):

Looking back through the years, I am aware that WMAQ has continuously kept abreast of developments in the expanding, dynamic realm of radio. By its alert progressiveness, as well as by its enterprise in introducing various notable educational and entertaining features, the station has helped make broadcasting history. The maintenance and expansion of this high service is a fine achievement. I am glad indeed to extend my heartiest congratulations to the entire staff of WMAQ on this anniversary occasion, and my best wishes for continuing success and enlarging public usefulness in coming years.

Jim and Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly):

Our earliest days in radio and certainly some of our happiest were spent at good old WMAQ, and although we're many miles away our hearts are with our many friends there on this 25th birthday of a great station. Both of us send our heartiest and most sincere felicitations and best wishes for the glorious future that lies ahead for WMAQ.

  Hal O'Flaherty, (Director, Chicago Daily News Foreign Service):

I an delighted to be remembered as one of those who took part in the broadcasts of the 20's over WMAQ. It seems all of 25 years ago that I heard about the birth of a new radio station with the symbol name WMAQ. As a matter of fact, it seems more like an eon or a complete cycle of time. I recall through the mists of time a feeling of pride in the Chicago venture of 1922. I am glad that the adventure begun so long ago continues and flourishes. My heartiest congratulations to WMAQ and its brilliant staff.

  Harry C. Kopf (former vice president and general manager):

WMAQ's aggressive far-sighted spirit has for 25 years been a beacon to American broadcasters. It pioneered practical application of the highest ideals of public service and radio listeners have benefited. Your high standards of integrity and enterprise we know will continue to be a guide of radio for the future as it has since the station was established. Congratulations.

  Wayne King:

It does not seem as if 25 years has elapsed since WMAQ made its first broadcast. As I look back I am reminded of many pleasant experiences. One of the most pleasant, I assure you, concerns the times when, as a struggling orchestra leader, I was, with your help, trying to master the art of radio broadcasting. May I congratulate you on a very useful and successful 25 years? In my opinion WMAQ is indispensable to the welfare of this community.

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