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Most listeners now understand that with radio broadcasting operated without cost to the listener, it is necessary for advertising to pay the bills. The advertisers, in harmony with WLS ideals, give splendid cooperation by making programs of high quality and of service value. No product of questionable value is ever brought into your home over WLS.

From WLS programs you may learn history, civil government, economics, latest results of scientific research, the finest gems of literature. All this, in addition to agricultural news, markets and music, is arranged by the program department.

Glenn C. Snyder Glenn C. Snyder, Commercial Manager of WLS, is charged with general supervision of advertising accounts, and it is up to him to see that there is enough income to balance the expenditures.

George C. Biggar George C. Biggar, Program Director, listens to new talent, arranges programs, writes plays and thinks radio night and day.

Arthur C. Page is Farm Program Advisor, announces the Dinnerbell Program and is editor of this album.

Below, a program conference in Mr. Snyder's office. A program that requires only fifteen or twenty minutes to give, often represents hours of preparation and research.

Program meeting

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