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WLS-Prairie Farmer editorial staff
The editorial department of Prairie Farmer, in touch with agricultural affairs in every county of the Middle West, makes use of WLS every day as a means of spreading the important news of the farm.

In the picture above, from left to right, are Clifford V. Gregory, Editor in Chief; Lois Schenck, Home Editor; Floyd Keepers, Managing Editor; Arthur C. Page, Commercial Editor; Ray Inman, Art Editor; at the end, Dave Thompson, Feature Editor.

Roy Lynnes Roy Lynnes is Prairie Farmer's authority on baby chicks and hatcheries, and is editor of The Baby Chick. You hear his program every Saturday.

J. A. Sackrison

Next, at the left, is J. A. Sackrison, Manager in the Indianapolis office...

Mrs. Payne Mercer Then Mrs. Payne Mercer, Assistant Editor in Indiana...

John Lacey And finally, John Lacey, Associate Editor in Indiana.

This staff, with local correspondents throughout the Middle West, is in close touch with every agricultural development in this most important farm territory

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