Dick Kay and the Johnston City Pool Hustlers

October, 1972

Dick Kay and Rudolph Wanderone ("Minnesota Fats")
Above: Dick Kay interviews the legendary "Minnesota Fats" (Rudolph Wanderone) in October, 1972 during the course of the Johnston City, Illinois pool hustler's tournament.

Between 1961 and 1972, the Johnston City event (organized by the Jansco brothers, George and Paulie) was one of the most significant gatherings in the world of billiards.

As it turned out, the 1972 meeting would be the last. The Feds had decided to raid the tournament, of which gambling was a significant component. Agents were, in fact, in the crowd the night Dick and his crew filmed the action. They were poised to take the joint down---but decided it would not be appropriate with cameras rolling. They therefore waited until the following night. (No convictions resulted from the raid. But the Johnston City event became history).

Click here to view Dick Kay's Johnston City pool hustlers piece. [You will need RealPlayer to view this video] Dick Kay

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