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With fifteen orchestra and staff members in the armed forces, Breakfast Club's 3000th broadcast found family cast members working overtime.

The National Paper Salvage drive for children was inaugurated on one broadcast. Special appearances were also made at Great Lakes Training Station, Fort Benjamin Harrison and at the President's Birthday Ball.

Don aired a plea for women to sign up for emergency nursing service while he was hospitalized with a "strep" throat. The late Sister Kenny and a polio patient she helped were honored guests on another broadcast. In a lighter vein, Breakfast Club staged a one man band contest. With Paul Whiteman supplying the program notes, studio janitor Archie Sweet wrested the "world's worst" title from Panhandle Pete of Grand Island, Neb. The Kellogg Company joined the sponsor family and Breakfast Club was voted "favorite morning program" for the second consecutive year.

Right: "Fiction and Fact from Sam's Almanac" is born in the agile mind of Sam Cowling, who emerged as McNeill's heckler.

Left: The three McNeill boys appeared together for the first time on a Christmas week broadcast. Left to right: Don Jr., Don, Tom, Nancy Martin, Kay and Bobbie.

Right: When Nancy Martin became Mrs. Sam McEldowney, the wedding party included Lt. and Mrs. Archie Levington (Fran Allison).

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