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"Praise the sponsors and pass the products!"

Swift & Co. became Breakfast Club's first network sponsor on February 8, buying fifteen minutes three times a week on 75 stations. This was the largest daytime commercial hookup at the time.

Nine days later Acme Paint Co. bought a segment of the show, and on November 14, Cream of Wheat joined the sponsor family. Breakfast Club had finally arrived commercially.

Visitors from 25 states and Canada were counted in the studio audience one June morning. Capacity crowds were attending each broadcast.

Evelyn Lynne left to marry Eddie Coontz of Tulsa and Marion Mann was brought in from Columbia to share vocal honors with Nancy.

Above: Dress parade after a 1941 broadcast shows The Escorts and Betty, Joe Gallicchio and the orchestra with Don and Nany Martin.

Right: The Swedehearts of St. Paul were born in the voices of these Escorts: Floyd Holm, Ted Clare and Cliff Petersen (who later became the show's producer)

Left: Son Number Three...Rober Patrick McNeill made his appearance in the McNeill household on St. Patrick's day, 1941.

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